Monday, June 6, 2016

New York: Mini Collages 1966/67

Fifty years ago in New York, in addition to painting and printmaking I created a series of (very) small collages, which until now have never seen the light of day. 
Like some of my paintings of that period (see the previous recent posts) many of these collages employ graphic and text elements.
Here is a selection of these, scanned on a larger scale to reveal the detail (most are only a few inches in any dimension)
35th St Breakdown (1966)  3' x 5'

South on Third (1966) 2' x 3.7'                                 Ave A (1967) 2' x 3'

0782 (1966/7) 1' x 3'.                 TISH (1966/7)  1' x 3'.

text and images © 2016 Richard D. Perry
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