Saturday, October 20, 2012

Iraq. Images of War

Starting in 2003, I composed a series of three paintings that drew on the avalanche of dramatic images in the media of the destructive events taking place in Iraq.

A Desert Storm 96"x 20" 
This first picture in the series (2003) recreates a panoramic vista of the initial American
advance into Iraq against a background of fire and sandstorms.

Fallujah (2004)
This gaunt, burnt out building on the outskirts of Fallujah was briefly occupied by
US forces early in the war, besieged by local insurgents and then finally abandoned.
The battle scarred facade, with gaping windows and partly erased graffiti seems an
appropriately battered monument to the cost of American and Iraqi hopes in the region.

 Mosul (2005)
A Navy Black Hawk helicopter was shot down by insurgents over Mosul. 
The smoking wreckage, shown here being lifted by crane, speaks to 
the destructive nature and waste, physically and spiritually, of this war.

images ©Richard D. Perry. all rights reserved

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