Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Nine Alive

Nine Alive (2002) 55"x35"  $3000.00

 In July 2002 the Quequeek mine in Somerset, Pa, suddenly flooded, trapping nine miners. Americans watched with bated breath as the rescue effort unfolded. After 72 hours the miners were miraculously recovered with only minor injuries.
Media coverage of this event resulted in a sequence of dramatic images.

For me, the images of flaring miners' lamps negotiating the scarred and blackened walls of the mine tunnels as the rescue played out were especially riveting. 
And from these textured images I created a painting (above) and then in 2004, a series of monoprints (below) further exploring and developing the pictorial variations of the scene.

These monoprints are one of a kind. No two are alike.
All are for sale @ $250 each unframed 

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