Friday, August 10, 2012

Across The Color Field

Red Hand (1969)

Then in 1968 I left New York. This was when color field painting was in full sway, under the influence of artists like Morris Louis, Larry Poons, Sam Francis, Helen Frankenthaler and others.

I moved to New Jersey where I set up a large studio.  My painting took a radical turn. Architectural compositions, muddy oil colors, collage and found materials gave way overnight to stained canvases bright with acrylic colors and based on flowing organic shapes drawn from the human body. 

All these are very large paintings, over 72' in at least one dimension.

Green Hand (1969)

She Said, He Said (1969)
Mauve Elbow, Green Knee (1969)

Red Elbow (1970)

Orange Knee (1970)
images ©Richard D. Perry All rights reserved

These paintings are for sale. Dimensions and prices given on request:

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