Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Early Days

Southampton Docks 1959

This is a new blog documenting, as a form of retrospective, my work as an artist over the decades.

Ever since my art student days I have been primarily focused on painting and printmaking.

My work has always been informed by architecture or, more broadly, clear  structure and composition, whether in abstract or more representational modes—which I consider as a continuum rather than opposite poles.

My earliest paintings were done on board with heavy impasto using household or oil paints, often thickened with plaster or sand.

For this inaugural post I show two paintings in this style from my student days in Southampton, England, both with maritime themes. 

The painting above, although  geometrical in composition, also incorporates an oil slick—an accidental effect introducing a theme that reappears and even dominates in much of my later work.

In the rather densely composed work below, I attempted to integrate architectural with other forms—trees, sky, water, boats, etc.  I remember being strongly influenced at the time by the work of Cezanne as well as that of my cousin, the British architectural artist and watercolorist Ronald Maddox.  

Mediterranean Harbor 1958

images © Richard D. Perry All rights reserved

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