Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Doors, Domes, Chimneys and Columns

Chimneys 1973
In the mid 1970s, following my brief exploration of hard edged building facades, I returned to a softer approach focusing on individual aspects of architectural form—some within a grid format and others as stand alone pieces.
Realistic, frontal depiction of buildings gave way to their portrayal in landscapes, at unusual angles and with softer, more intense colors.
Once again much of my inspiration came from buildings and townscapes seen in Mexico and Mediterranean countries.

Four Domes (1973)

Cretan Quarter (1975)
Domes Horizon (1973)
Moroccan Sky  (1973)

Mexican Facade  (1973)
Mudejar (1975)

Barococo (1975)

Blue Column (1975)

images ©Richard D. Perry. All rights reserved

These paintings are for sale. Dimensions and prices given on request: dartnall@cox.net

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